Altoids - Curiously Confident

A class assignment for an advertising course. The goal was to create a series of three print ads for our respective clients. I was given Altoids Mints. I decided to best way to highlight bad breath beating ability would be to show to potentially "dangerous" foods you could eat without needing to worry about lingering bad breath.

Selected Works

American WhitewaterComing Soon

Topographic SnowboardsArt Direction

Shanta Foundation WebsiteWeb Development

Lone StarBranding Systems

DC KAYAKArt Direction

Gold King PaddlesSocial Awareness

Love Vs. HateSocial Awareness

Gavelda WebsiteWeb Development

Kronicle MagazineEditorial Design

Mouth ClosedSocial Awareness

Happy MealSocial Awareness

Car CrashPackaging

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